Glass Curtain

What are Glass Curtains?

The question most often asked is “What are Glass Curtains?” The simple answer is that they are exactly what their name implies – They are panes of glass (curtains) that fit together without an intrusive framework providing undisturbed views of the vista around your home which add an elegant and stylish modern feature to any area.

When closed, Elite Glass Curtains protect and reduce the effect of wind, rain, dust and noise. When open, your terrace or any other area is back to summer mode and because Elite Glass Curtains are vertically frameless, your view is never interrupted, giving you a unique connection with the landscape outside.

Elite Glass Curtains provide a flush internal and external appearance, they are aesthetically attractive and because glass is pleasing to the eye, Elite Glass Curtains enhance the appearance of your home.  Our Glass curtains are crafted to your exact specifications and are manufactured by us here in Elviria Marbella, Costa del Sol, to your bespoke design.

Elite’s Glass Curtains are mounted on powder coated aluminium tracks top and bottom and have the additional benefit over conventional framed windows in that they can be fully closed, fully open or opened on a panel-by-panel basis… the choice is yours.


The Benefits of Elite Glass Curtains

Apart from the aesthetics and obviously the undisturbed views, Elite’s Glass Curtains offer a whole host of benefits over conventional framed windows, and add value to your property including (but not limited) to:

  • • Glass Curtains give you the ability to use your balcony, patio or terrace… all year round.
  • • Glass Curtains shelter you from the wind and rain.
  • • Glass Curtains help reduce the need for cleaning.
  • • Glass Curtains reduce noise levels… No more noisy neighbours!
  • • Glass Curtains add valuable  space  to  your  living  area
  • • Glass Curtains are easy to clean…from the inside!
  • • Glass Curtains are tailormade for your property and your requirements.


Features of Elite Glass Curtains

Some of the technical features include:

  • • 10mm toughened glass panels.
  • • Glass panel heights up to 3m.
  • • Weather seals between panels.
  • • Powder coated aluminium profiles.
  • • Tinted or frosted glass available.

Benefits of Glass Curtains

Noise Reduction

Glass curtains are highly effective at reducing the noise level from the outside. Whether you live in a busy urban area or just need to have that extra peace in your terrace or patio, Elite glass curtains will provide an effective noise barrier and considerably reduce noise.


Wind & Watertight

Glass Curtains are effective in keeping out water in most rainy conditions. Translucent rain strips are affixed between the thin gaps of the glass panels, to achieve greater wind and water tightness, even in the heaviest of storms and weather conditions.

*Glass curtains are not 100% water tight due to being vertically frameless


Minimal Visual Impact

As the glass curtain panels are clear and vertically frameless, they are barely visible. Vertically Frameless glass curtains are popular for balcony enclosures because they do not impact the exterior facade of buildings and complement the existing architectural design. Bringing you closer the nature and landscapes around you.


Our Guarantee

Every Glass curtain installation comes with a 5-year full warranty on installation and components,

* Glass, repairs and replacement of parts of the system or other damage results from misuse of the customer is not included, due to normal wear and tear, vandalism or act of god.


Silent and Easily Glide

Elite Glass Curtains are bottom weighted – glass panels sit on sturdy aluminium tracks with a Teflon guide, with the glass weight on the bottom working with gravity, instead of the glass weight being hung from the top. With the glass panels glide easily, quietly, and steadily. This unique system eliminates wobbly panels or squeaky noises.


Sleek and Elegant

The ultra-slim powder coated aluminium top and bottom profiles give vertically frameless glass curtains a sleek and elegant look, adding a classy touch to any space in your home. Glass curtains are virtually invisible and easily complement your existing design. Because they are vertically frameless, you can enjoy unobstructed views all the time, even when they’re closed.

With one of our unique opening system, With the armless system option, glass panels can be swung open without the use of a “turning arm’, often seen in conventional swing systems. This means you can add curtains and blinds alongside the Glass Curtains for aesthetics and extra protection against the elements.


Flexible Opening System

With our unique opening system you can enjoy full control of your ventilation; you can move each panel individually and position them anywhere along the track. If you wish to ventilate your balcony while keeping young children and pets safe, simply use the ventilation locking position or spread the glass panels and leave small gaps in-between. To open fully, you just slide, swing and stack the panels to one side. This also makes cleaning the glass panels easy and safe!


Ergonomic & Secure

Conventional locking systems are conveniently located at the top or bottom, near the rails. Our specialist sidelock system*(optional), is located at a comfortable height, so you can secure your glass curtain system easily. For all glass curtains installations including patios and partitions, Stainless steel locking handles* (optional) can be locked/unlocked from both sides which are provided with 5 security coded keys.


Safe & Secure

Elite Glass Curtains are fabricated with 10mm thick, strengthened, tempered glass panels, and have been tested in the areas of impact performance, surface compression and fragmentation.  You can rest assured that Elite Glass Curtains are safe and provide strong protection against the elements and add another layer of security to your home.


Available in Different Configurations

Our proprietary track system allows vertically frameless glass curtains to accommodate your terrace with a wide variety of configurations, such as straight, angled or curved. Glass Curtains are also available at a minimal, requested height or full height (up to 3m).

Elite Glass Curtains for all Types of Premises

Stunning and elegant in design, vertically frameless Elite Glass Curtains can be used throughout your home, office, retail establishment or shopfront. Enjoy the flexibility of opening or closing up your space, while maintaining an open and spacious feel at all times. Elite glass curtains can also be provided with a sunken inferior track if required.



With vertically frameless Elite Glass Curtains, you can enjoy the surrounding natural landscape while being sheltered from the elements like the rain and wind, noise, dust, haze and insects. Easily retract the Glass Curtains when you want to let the outdoors in, or simply close it up when the weather is not suitable, or when it’s noisy or dusty outside. You can event create that solarium / sunroom you’ve always wanted.



With Elite Glass Curtains you can create a safe and peaceful place for you and your loved ones, to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. By installing and enclosing your balcony with Glass Curtains, young children and pets can go onto the balcony safely and with peace of mind. Glass Curtains also reduce and protect from rain, dust, noise and flying pests. Easily retract the glass curtains when you want to let the outdoors in or revert to the original layout.



Use vertically frameless glass curtains to partition your indoor space into separate, distinct areas that are quieter, more private and more specific to your needs.

Commercial Settings


Divide your office into individual workspaces, as and when required. The vertically frameless Glass Curtains system is the ideal solution to provide privacy for your meetings and discussions. To open up your space, simply slide, swing and stack the glass panels.


Restaurants and retail outlets:

Elite Glass Curtains are vertically frameless and virtually invisible if used with our sunken track option, giving your shop a spacious and classy feel. Simply open Glass Curtains to give customers an alfresco experience or close them when you wish to keep out the noise and cold/hot temperatures.

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